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  • Z Magazine
  • Multi-National Monitor
  • Covert Action Quarterly
  • Counterpunch Newsletter
  • Anderson Valley Advertiser
  • On Strike At Hormel
    by Hardy Green

  • Killing Hope: U.S. military and CIA Intervention
    by William Blum

  • American Labor Struggles 1877-1934
    by Samuel Yellen

  • The Annexation of Mexico
    by John Ross

  • A People's History of the US
    by Howard Zinn

  • Cointelpro Papers
    by Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall

  • Scapegoat Generation
    by Mike A. Males

  • Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution
    by Jose Peirats

  • Living My Life (2 vols.)
    by Emma Goldman

  • The Real War on Crime
    by Steven R. Denziger

  • The Ceiling of America
    by Dan Pens & Paul Wright
    editors of the Prison Legal News

  • The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism
    by Homsky & Herman

  • Year 501: The Conquest Continues
    by Noam Chomsky

  • Strike
    by Jeremy Brecher

  • Fascism and Big Business
    by Daniel Guerin

  • From Urbanization to Cities
    by Murray Bookchin & Dave Forman

  • Break Their Haughty Power
    by Eugene Nelson

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