Diane Glaub Drums
Mike Millett Guitar
Craig O'Hara Bass
Tommy Strange Vocals & Guitar

Songs For Emma Update September 2003

      Songs for Emma have broken up. We did all meet up at Tommy's 6th Steet Books opening party. Tommy's store is a great place for inexpensive interesting new books and cds. He plans to have food and coffee for sale there soon. There is also a library where you can pull a book off a shelf, have a seat at a table and start reading. It's a huge space. Visit him at 144 6th st. between Mission and Howard sts. (at the corner of minna st.) in San Francisco.
Craig is enjoying living in West Virginia and working for AK Press.
Diane and Mike are playing in a new band with Mike D from MD 20/20 on bass. It's called SMIRK. The band is punk rock with sarcastic lyrics "sung" by mike and diane. They are looking for shows in the Bay Area and can be contacted Here.
Our first bass player Raum is helping out with a film about Gilman St. You can find info on that Here
Mike for SFE.

Songs For Emma record new Red Lies, Black Rhymes CD:

      Songs for Emma have just finished recording and mixing a new 15 song cd Red Lies, Black Rhymes with Kevin Army for release on Broken Rekids on April, 22 2002. Tommy, Diane and Mike return with a new bass guy Craig O'Hara (author of The Philosophy Of Punk). The second album 2 years down the line. Few bands get angrier and rawer with age. Well, here's one. Tommy Strange, the lyricist and singer (the man behind Allied's Strawman) proves he ain't been eating bon-bons and sipping wine. More like tearing into leftist books and shaving vocal cords with razors from the gutter. Insightful, nearly STIFF LITTLE FINGERS pop-full, but too heavy for most of the crowd. Too tuneful for most the hardcore kids, too very bitter angry for the people that thought the Ramones and Green Day were progressive. Price They Pay, a song about sanctions on Iraq made one friend say, "I haven't had a song run shivers up my spine in so long.....". It's red-n-black rocknroll, with no buzz-clip, no happy-face video, no product behind a middle class promoter.. just some very tense and angry workers.

Some song titles are: Parameters of Compassion, Parades, Bad Credit , Master , Voice of Barcelona , Going to the Market , Trouble with Sarah , The Service Sector , No Land , Here They Come Again , Sound of the Rain (Dils cover) , Tight Fight with a Short Stick , Double Fakes and Spectacles , Price They Pay

Flying Side Kick: Home Alive 2 Benefit compilation CD:

      Songs for Emma wrote a song called "The Trouble With Sara" just for this benefit compilation. Proceeds from the sale of this CD will benefit Home Alive, a nonprofit organization that teaches self defense for free to women and girls. Home Alive was started in Seattle in 1993 in the wake of the murder of THE GITS lead singer, Mia Zapata and chapters have spread across the country. Flying Side Kick was produced by Steve Moriarty of THE GITS and features many of the most active and socially conscious indie bands of the current west coast punk scene. All the songs are previously unreleased. Many of them were written and recorded specifically for this project. * The Tracks: THE GOSSIP "I Want it Now", LESLIWOOD "This Is What We Get", AMY RAY AND THE BUTCHIES "On Your Honor", THE PINKOS "Rebel Girl", THE NEED "Frayed Ends of Sanity", THE BLACK HALOS "Worry Doll", CARISSA'S WEIRD 'Where are You Now?', CARRIE AKRE "Wishing You Well", THE MAKERS "Tattoo for Julie", MAKTUB "Uptown Feeling", ZEN GUERRILLA "Crickets and the Sickle", GRAIG MARKEL "Version 45 Style", SANFORD ARMS "Orange" GOING SOUTH "Katie the Elder", SONGS FOR EMMA "Trouble With Sarah", ECOWAR "Fighting Spirit", and DEAD MOON "Where Anything Goes". There are mp3s and real audio samples at

From the 11/12/98 CD insert:

     The band is named after Emma Goldman. We don't think a rocknroll band can match her amazing life-long organizational, propaganda and rescue work, I just wrote songs with her beliefs and big heart in mind. Realizing some top heavy subjects may get in the way of entertainment value, but that is for you to decide, not the rock business machine. I hope my comments and book listings don't appear condescending. I simply would like you to know where I am coming from especially since you just spent one or two hours' wages on a piece of plastic.

The Press Release For 11/12/98:

      Songs for Emma is Tommy and Diane from Strawman's new band. They've added Mike Millett on lead guitar and younger guy Raum Palacios on bass duty. More melody and less crash and spittle than that other band, but still the same biting social commentary with exciting, interesting music that challenges today's punk/indie status quo. While this is not folk-rock as rumored it does includes two Billy Bragg style protest songs that the punks will either hate or love and that pissed-on-the-streets Strange growl sure to never win over the alternative rock crowd. Sorry, no Ramones riffs and no nods to 12 year old mall brats to be found here. The song Golden Gate could be our generation's Coney Island Baby and Keep My Will has more Who than Stiff Little Fingers. The band tends to wear red and black, and calls themselves workers, not musicians, though the music is solid cutting Kevin Army produced rocknroll.